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Natural Resources of Africa as the Key to Good Economy

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Africa is the next biggest continent, which means a huge amount of resources. The mineral industry is an important source of export earnings for many African nations. Almost every part and side of Africa, there is a high possibility rate of getting a good natural resource like gold, silver and other valuable items. Mining in Africa has been the central driving force behind the history and growth of Africa’s most complex and richest economy. The mineral production export makes a vital part of the African gross. But African economy growth does not mean they don’t have to sacrifice some of their natural resources, perhaps this resource will diminish in time.
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Some Facts on Poverty in Africa

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

They have a rich natural resources and large area of territorial property perhaps they are the second largest continent existing on earth but Africa lacks many factors to heal and improved their economy. One factor is that most Africans lack education due to the reason that many of them barely cannot even eat three times a day. A 33% of their children suffer from malnutrition. And only half of African children are enrolled in school and only three percent of them will eventually graduate from school because of hunger issues and the like. Moreover, half of their children fall from civilian casualties in war in the country.
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Africa’s Poverty Problem

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Being a continent with numerous third world countries, Africa needs to keep up obviously. The slow progress in Africa’s economy is attributed to the unfavourable weather/climate conditions that greatly affect their agriculture. The result is then a domino effect. One problem to Africa’s poverty is the ever present corruption. Countries like Kenya of Nigeria have corruption as an almost natural thing. But one spark is the majority of North Africa is looking good economically than South Africa. But South Africa has its aces too, like Johannesburg and Port Cape Town.
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The Bane of African Economy

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Africa, the cradle of life, is the world’s second largest continent. It has good and rich natural resources only if the weather would be favourable to it. However, the unfavourable climate conditions are Africa’s adversity. The scorching heat causes Africa’s natural resources to diminish. Along with the problem in cultivating agriculture, Africa also has corruption issues – like the continuous use of bribe in Nigeria, for instance. Other issues include illiteracy, disease, and other famine rooted issues. All this contribute to Africa’s slow advancement in economy.
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African Country’s Economy Boon

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

The so called cradle of life, or simply known as Africa, is the world’s second largest continent. However, large as it may be, the climate just is not going their (Africa’s) way. The scorching hot temperature is not favourable for Africa’s agriculture. The heat causes water scarcity, gives the animal less water source and causing them to be thinner. A plant does not get proper nourishment because of to much heat – all this contribute to Africa’s economic trouble. However, the richness in Africa’s mining resources helps them compensate for this. It slowly makes them rise above, economically speaking.
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