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Why Russian Women Make Good Wives

Before we can establish why Russian women are such great wives, we have to determine what is a “good wife.” If you are looking for a trophy wife or a maid, look somewhere else! While Russian women will look great at your side at a business dinner and are wonderful homemakers, it takes more than these qualities to make a marriage work. The beauty of Russian women is that they know how to balance modernity and tradition. These are women who can maneuver a baby stroller in high heel pumps, cook a fabulous dinner without ever gaining a pound, and use their intelligence to support their husbands. I personally think that western women have become confused by the various depictions of wives. One part of society expects them to be independent breadwinners and to suppress their maternal instincts. Another side tells a woman she should be the Beaver Cleaver mother which doesn’t exist. On the other hand, hot Russian women are expected to be educated so intelligence isn’t a reason for vanity and power issues. Being beautiful is a feminine quality and doesn’t undermine feminism. Most importantly, Russian women value their families foremost and strive to be great wives and mothers.

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