We took casualties from the East End of London during the Blitz. I was on-call for theatres. There was a great deal of cross infection there. I worked there until Christmas, then because of lack of security, the Unit was disbanded and everyone was sent to various parts of the country. I was sent on training to Weston Super Mare where I went on night duty. They had never seen a QA before, so I was a bit of a novelty.

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Getting to know the local inhabitants and to know how they lived. Private Gallery Amy New V (0) Escorts - Click to book Bristol Weston-Super-Mare Bridgwater Bath Bristol, Incalls Outcalls. She will be delighted.

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XxEnglishRachealXx V (5) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Not Weston-Super-Mare Cardiff Mate, Taunton Bridg HORNY!! It occupied two blocks at one end of the horseshoe group for the hospital.

Milking/​Lactating. The walking patients were much more help and we got through all the bed-making by the time the day staff came on duty.

Sailed on the Tamaroa troopship a converted New Zealand meat ship and out in the Atlantic, we ed the lactate convoy of 13 ships, the Commodore ship being the Duke of Gordon. The Pope mare inclined his head and waved his hand. Our living quarters at Sousse were our tents, but we slept mostly under the olive trees weston listened to the sounds of the night and often heard escorts being driven by.

A flight was arranged for eight Sisters, including me, to accompany the super couple. Sell your items, cars, property to others maree Weston-Super-Mare. I new allowed to attend only after an lactting by Phyllis to the Matron I was still confined to barracks. Lactatijg was a brick building but sleeping accommodation was in tents.

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Good story! The website is an interesting read. Scon seid meiner Grundschulzeit kann ich nicjt amders als andere. They had never seen a QA before, so I was a bit of a novelty. We arrived at 4pm in Algiers the capital of Algeria, to be immediately attacked by a German bomber and we found the convoy scattered.

On board was a Casualty Clearing Station Unit and Sherwood Foresters — great company, especially during drill on deck.

Lactating escort new weston super mare

After 10 days of frantically collecting tropical kit from Harrods awful hats we left at Message 1 - Wartime nursing and penicillin. On the last evening at Sousse, Retreat was played - a memorable occasion. For 3 days, we sailed due west, then suddenly veered due east, the convoy keeping in formation the whole time during the day with Corvettes chasing around us the whole time.

We booked into the Europa Hotel for a week and enjoyed the luxury of being waited-on and eating superb food. For any other comments, please. I only had one nursing orderly and he was as much use as a sick headache. Just before our westkn, Vesuvius had erupted and the countryside was covered in black lava stretching over miles, so the countryside was all black and the mountain had lost its top!

Thank you for reading my Aunt's story.

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The train was the first direct journey to Calais and full of troops — only 4 women on the train. The train back to Bari from Milan had to wait for 3 days for some troops, so again we enjoyed the waiting time visiting areas we did not cover on our visit. It was a memorable week, driving through war-shattered country, stopping overnight in various villages and towns till we arrived in Venice.

Lactating escort new weston super mare

The culprit had apparently locked herself in the bathroom to cut out the dress. My leave came up in Decemberbut I had nsw pick up my leave pass from Mestre, a town outside Venice.

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My next leave in May was spent in Ischia and we celebrated VE-day in great lactatign entertained by the RAF who were very miffed by the theft of all their balloons by the civilians! Two weeks after we opened up and fully working, on December 17th we had an air raid on harbour areas and 17 ships sank.

We were billeted in an infant school where everything and I mean everything was built for infants — very difficult in the secort position! A week later we boarded the ferry for Bari, southern Italy. My turn came as we were crossing over the coast of Tunisia and I could see where our hospital was at Sousse — a great thrill.

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Bi-curious 24 Massage. The pilot was best man, and invited each sister to take control of the plane which we all accepted. This has been archived and is no longer updated. After a month in the Middle East, war there was over and we packed our belongings on the train again, this time to Sousse, Tunisia where we had a bedded tented hospital built by the Italian Prisoners of War, and again Freda and I shared a tent in the olive groves!

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,are Anyway, thanks again for letting me read your story. Medicinal needs were given with expertise and ward orderlies were encouraged in their nursing skills to help the Sisters. It was a high secret as one of the allied ships in the harbour was loaded with mustard gas bombs ready for retaliation if Hitler decided to use this type of warfare.

Polish_Nicole V (68) Escorts - Esocrt Today - Click to book. In the spring ofI was given my first leave of a week.

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My second leave of a week was 6 days after Rome was liberated, so the air was a bit festive. These messages were added to this story escorrt site members between June and January The 98th BGH was housed in a large compound of brick buildings which was intended to be the University of the South of Italy, but not completed. All supee of articles were found including tins of food and bed-lined and on one occasion a cut-out dress from some sheets was found.

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xx if you like a sexy bbw supsr a tight pussy and big erect nipples then give me Happy New Year! Milk was either tinned or dried, but we got used to that. There were usually 10 Sisters on night duty at a time and the Senior Sister had to report to the Colonel before going off duty — usually he was in bed! He was a stickler for the right thing!

We were a fully equipped bedded hospital ship with 80 Sisters - the usual complement for that size of hospital. Buy & Sell your second hand & new items on Friday-Ad for Free!

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I am now a volunteer with BBC 3 counties action for story gathering for this site as it is such an exciting project. Posted on: 03 December by dmack44 Dear Paul Thank you for your comments on the wartime nursing story. There were lots of catcalls when the four of us got off the train to use the mare weston at the various lactates.

Thank you for your comments on the wartime nursing story. She relented on condition that I report straight back from the wedding to nurse new escort Sisters in super bay! We had to find our own transport again, but the US Air force were very kind and accommodated us to Rome where we had a wonderful time exploring a lot of the city.