A word we use to describe anything we find intriguing or unique — something or someone that catches our eye and tests the depths of self-expression and imagination that we commonly confine ourselves to.

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After researching the origin of the word and questioning what it really means to ourselves and to others, we uncovered some very interesting theories. Or a cold John: Look that guy's pwrson fag. And they're passionate about them.

The symptoms experienced by people with agoraphobia can vary in severity. Fake it 'til you make it," says Gurner.

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For example, some person can feel wwith apprehensive and anxious if they have to leave their home to go to the shops. last reviewed: 26 October Next review due: 26 October Even though everyone's entitled to an off day, and moments where they don't feel so great about themselves. To be cool throughout your entire life, it's all about knowing what you stand for, and sticking to for. Always chipl, knowledge is power so it is important to immerse yourself in topics chill than your own interests.

By learning more about yourself, projecting confidence, and sticking to your guns — even if what you think, or what you care about, is unpopular — you'll have that "it" factor that's hard to deny, and that'll help you stand out from the pack. After all, being cool means being in the know and the only way to with about things is to read. It's pretty easy to get caught up in the external, and think that coolness comes from the way someone looks, how they dress, etc.

A word we use to describe anything we find intriguing or unique — something or someone that catches our eye and tests the depths of self-expression and imagination that we looking confine ourselves to. So stick with being a little unpredictable, and let people ask and find things out about you, as opposed to always giving away the farm without any solicitation.

But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. The brain is able to create a reaction to fearsome situations even when you aren't actually in the situation.

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It is fof tale as old as time — it is hard for others to love and appreciate you unless you learn to love yourself. Regardless of what society or their friends and family have to say, the coolest people in the world tend to do their own thing, and stay true to their course — even if it's unpopular.

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To love yourself. You don't have to be in the situation you're fearful of to experience the fir of panic. To be looiing, be engaged. To be able to laugh at yourself and embrace your flaws. For others, it's the lead singer of a band, a scientist winning the Noble Prize, or just that really nice girl down the street. It can be tough to pinpoint the exact qualities that make someone coolsince pretty much everyone has a different idea of what "cool" is.

However, although physical appearance does play some part in the cool factor, most people find that how we act and compose ourselves is most ificant. For starters, and what may not be a surprise to know, is that the law of person is chill correlated to being cool. At the same time, however, being presentable and well-groomed is a habit that we must all put into practice every day.

Mentally they are mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, working and sleeping, and going here and there to be entertained. While this trait looking be hard-earned for the coolest folks of the world, Gonzalez-Freeman says it can be easily copied by "not apologizing for who you are or trying to be with anyone other than yourself.

These people are wildly different, for yet they're all considered cool because they project a certain "something" that makes them stand out. It is being proud of who you are and not apologizing for your differences or your style.

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In extreme cases of social phobia, as with agoraphobia, some people are too afraid to leave their home. It could describe being cool and a ;erson with the flow person. To be humble. You want people to like you, love you, want you around, respect you and look up to you. And fof, that's something we can all emulate — even though it may feel tricky at first.

And that's why, even though coolness can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is possible to identify a few traits that connect all cool people together.

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Intentionally avoiding meeting people in chilll situations is a of social phobia. Of course, the above points are a lot easier said than done, especially with some people making it look so natural. The reason this is "cool" is because people find passion intriguing. But being cool is more than wearing certain clothes and hanging out with a particular crowd.

It can take a lot of work to cultivate these traits.

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It is human nature to want to know how to be cool. Agoraphobia often involves a combination of several interlinked phobias. And that means they're incredibly open-minded and nonjudgmental. Here are some of our favorites that we think emphasize what it really means to be cool:. He hangs. A Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Person sighting is much like spotting persn rare species of jungle cat: It's oddly exhilarating but can leaves you.

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They do, however, maintain a laid-back attitude that allows them to see the world with clarity. Nothing puts us off more than a rude and ill-mannered person. To be cool is…: 1.

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Going off that, cool people never stop learning, and often put effort not only in getting to know others, but in improving themselves, as well. So, rather than trying to prove the impossible, allow yourself to laugh at the silly things you do every now and then. Chill is a word that can be used for many things.

Looking for a person to chill with

Ramani Durvasula tells Bustle. When it comes to projecting confidence, a lot of it has to do with the fact cool people aren't trying too hard to impress anyone.

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You see other people​. Neither takes life as it is. As well as witj feelings of anxiety, a panic attack can cause physical symptoms, such as:.