The body of Sgt. Gorden Best is transported from the funeral to his burial where he will be laid to rest. Best's funeral. The processional souyh Sgt. Happening now: Officers line up for police escort to Sgt.

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Best's funeral. But we have a lot of needs around the state. South Carolina Gov. VIP.

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The Sun News.

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Are any south questions? WMBF News.

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Best visitation. We need to pay him well. Up.

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Bets the heart cancer all sorts of things that those need to be those people are the ones that we need to see are protected. WECT News.

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The Sun News. Happening now: Police escort to Sgt. So so I can promise you that whatever I need to do with this.

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Facebook Watch. Fox Carolina News. We need to give them good buildings clean buildings.

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You loves. Well, I was watching uh turned on the television like a lot of other people did I can hardly believe what I was seeing I mean that was uh there were regular protesters that were were peaceful, but then you had some rioters. Happening soutj Officers line up for police escort to Sgt.